Cantine Aperte 2018 in Siena: Programs

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Siena: Programs

The Programs Can Be Updated or Changed


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Via dei Canneti, 14 Montepulciano
0577 757737 –


Saturday 26 e Sunday 27 Maggio booking compulsory:
guided tour, wine tasting, aperitif in the vineyard, barrel tasting.
10 Euro
Loc. Ficomontanino, Chiusi
06 5561283 –


Saturday 26 e Sunday 27 May
Guided tours and tastings. Special menus dedicated to the event will be served at the Osteria del Castello and Brolio Agribar where the raw materials and ingredients served are all of certified Tuscan origin. Possibility to visit the Castello di Brolio gardens and the Ricasoli Collection.
Free guided tour. 3 Euro tasting for 3 wines.
Gustiamo il Bello della Toscana by Barone Ricasoli is:
During the guided tour, it will be possible to observe the splendid collection of historic bikes of ” Eroica “, the famous cycling race that for years has exported the image of the best Tuscan tradition in a perfect union between sport, landscape, gastronomy and – of course – wine.
Loc. Madonna a Brolio – 53013 Gaiole In Chianti (SI)
0577730220 –


26th and 27th May with opening hours: 10.30am – 6.30pm. Departure every 15 minutes: guided tour of the vineyards and the cellar dating back to 1067, with tasting of Achille Igt Toscana Rosso, Al Canapo Chianti Colli Senesi, Ser Gardo and Chianti Classico. For tour and tasting Euro 10 starting from the pyramid marked along the Mocenni municipal road.
The latitude and the southern exposure of the vineyards give warmth, while the altitude of 500 meters gives elegance to our wines. These conditions, together with an extreme terrain, rich in rocks of Galestro and Alberese, offer wines of the highest quality and with an unmistakable identity.
Event Schedule
May 26th and 27th exhibition of works of art by Filippo Galgani in Mocenni at the historic cellar
May 26 at 19:00 Live Music “Soul Therapy Band” in Mocenni – 10 Euro per person aperitif with a glass of wine. Reservations are welcome at the following email address: by 24 May.
Shot and share! – Take a picture on the Pyramid and share it with the hashtag #bindisergardi , you will receive a free tasting of Nicolo ‘Governo all’Toscano use and a discount of 10% on the purchase of wines.
Gustiamo il Bello della Toscana of Bindi Sergardi – Tenuta Mocenni is:
The pyramid of galestro and alberese in the vineyards of Tenuta Mocenni: the concrete representation of the Bindi Sergardi identity: it’s made of galestro and alberese stone, in order to touch the uniqueness and authenticity of the land from which our vines come to life. It has solid foundations like the 700 years of history of our family. It has a summit that can be reached not only to admire the entire amphitheater of the Mocenni vineyards but to remind us that we must always aim high, with audacity, in a constant search for improvement. Bindi Sergardi is a continuous evolution within excellence and the pyramid is the perfect synthesis of our philosophy.

Strada Comunale di Mocenni, 35 – 53019 Castelnuovo Berardenga
+39 329 3612593 – 0577 309309 –


Sunday 27th May
Visit to the vineyard and cellar followed by samples of all the company’s production, including the “Occhio di Pernice” vinsanto vertical personal reserve. Lunch including Tuscan appetizer, first course, a glass of wine and 1/2 liter of water, for € 10.00 per person. (Reservation required) .
Gustiamo Il Bello della Toscana of Borgo Santinovo is:
Visitors can immerse themselves in the historic urban village since Etruscan times arrived to us with medieval, eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century expansions;the ancient medieval watchtower from which a characteristic apartment has been created; the ancient brick fermentation vat is kept beautiful and unique in the current reception area of the village.
Località Santinovo, Colle Di Val D’elsa (SI)
339 6349735 – 339 1832414 –


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May
Vertical of Chianti Classico reserve, walk in the vineyards, possibility to have lunch in the cellar.
Gustiamo il bello della Toscana of Cantine Guidi is:
On the occasion of Cantine Aperte it will be possible to walk around the estate of the San Giorgio allo Spadaio Estate, immersed in the territory of the Chianti Classico.
Via Liguria – Poggibonsi
05779363356 –



Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May from 11am to 7pm
The “Santavenere” estate will remain open with continuous opening hours from 11 am to 7 pm .
It will be possible to take guided tours of the vineyards and the winery, followed by free tastings of our productions. For the whole duration of the event will be offered cold cuts and cheeses. It will also be possible to purchase our productions at the point of sale within the company.
Strada per Pienza, 39 Montepulciano
0578757774 –


Be Being Updated
Località Casato 17, Montalcino
0577 849421 –


Be Being Updated
Loc. Casisano 52 – Montalcino
0577 835540 –


Sunday 27 May from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 19:00
Cellar tour and free tasting
Enjoy the beautiful Tuscany of Castellare di Castellina is:
The historical vinsantaia in which the magic of the production and refinement of the precious Vin Santo of San Niccolò is kept.
Loc. Castellare, Castellina In Chianti
0577 742903 –


Sunday, May 27
Our Enoteca Wine Bar will be open with continuous hours from 10.00 to 19.30 for tastings and purchases. Guided tours of the winery at 11.00 – 12.00 – 16.00 – 17.00 . Our Taverna will be open for lunch with a special “Cantine Aperte” tasting menu
Guided tours of the free wine cellar .
Castello di Poggio alle Mura, Montalcino


Be Being Updated
Via Puccini 4, Loc. Fonterutoli – Castellina In Chianti
0577741385 –


Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 from 11:00 to 18:00
We will make free visits and tastings of our wines (Rosato, IGT GranBruno, Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, Chianti Classico Gran Selezione).
Località il Becco 101/A, Radda In Chianti (SI)
0577 738992 –


Be Being Updated
0577 806081 –


Be Being Updated
Via Giuncheti, Montalcino


Sunday, May 27
From 10:00 to 18:30 it is possible to visit the winery freely and taste our wines. Entry is free.
Gustiamo il bello della Toscana of Contucci is:
The historic cellar of the Contucci family: an architectural asset dating back to 13th Century.
Via del Teatro 1 – Montepulciano
0578757006 –


Sunday 27 May from 2.30 pm to 7.00 pm
Visit to the distillation plants and the aging room. Then, in the “ Luigi Bonollo grappa documentation center ” guided tasting of spirits.
Via Traversa Valdichina Est, 2/ 4 Torrita Di Siena
0577 685210 –


Be Being Updated
Pordenovi, 170 Montalcino
0577841111 –


Be Being Updated
Loc. Montemaggio – Radda in Chianti
3392181701 –


Sunday 27 May from 10:30 to 19:00
Guided tour, tasting of the Braccesca Labels, with prices by the glass:
Sabazio Rosso di Montepulciano DOC 2016: 5.00 euros
La Braccesca Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2015: 5.00 euros
Achelo Rosso di Cortona DOC 2016: 5.00 Euros
Bramasole Cortona DOC Syrah 2012: 7.00 Euro
Snack: 10.00 euros
Gustiamo il bello della Toscana of Fattoria La Braccesca is:
The new Barriccaia
Via della Stella di Valiano, 10
mail: 347 4751308


Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May
Tour Tasting: visit to the historical wine cellar and tasting of 4 wines – on reservation € 15 a person
Tasting of 4 wines – no booking required 10 € per person
Via del Chianti 101, Castelnuovo Berardenga
0577 355117 –


Sunday 27 May from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Free tasting of the Tuscan IGT rosé, Bianco Igt Toscana and Rosso IGT Toscana bread and oil
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.
Guided tasting tours with a visit to the cellar and in the cellar to discover the process
productive with guided tastings of 6 wines and typical products of the area, € 18 .
Tour in the vineyards with explanations of the torroir and management techniques, visit to the winery and in
bottaia to discover the production process with guided tastings of 6 wines and typical products
in the area by reservation only, € 23 .
Gustiamo il Bello della Toscana of Poggio del Moro is:
on the occasion of open cellars it will be possible to access an exclusive and particular point
panoramic from which to observe the entire business complex and the most beautiful villages of the Etruria
Strada delle Cavine e Valli, 79 – Chianciano Terme
339 5646897 – 


Sunday, May 27
Free tasting 10:00 – 19:00 with tasting of Olio Evo on bread.
Tasting of the two Grand Selections of Rocca delle Macie, Chianti classic grand selection Riserva di Fizzano 2014 and Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Sergio Zingarelli 2013 , accompanied by a Tuscan snack.
Reservations are welcome for visits. ( Visiting times are: 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm )
The tasting of the two Gran Selezione with Tuscan snack in match, 10 euros.
(Expected € 5 for the glass bail)
Gustiamo il Bello della Toscana of Rocca delle Macie is:
Review The Cinema of Italo : an exhibition of the historic posters of the founder of Rocca delle Macie Italo Zingarelli, film producer.
Loc. Le Macìe, 45 Castellina In Chianti (SI)
Per info e prenotazioni 0577 732236 –


Be Being Updated
Loc. Castagnoli – Gaiole in Chianti (Siena)
0577731909 –


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May
Guided tours of the aging cellar, tasting of various types of wines.
Visit and tasting are free.
Loc. Lilliano, 8 Castellina In Chianti
0577 743070 –


Sunday, May 27
Guided tour of the winery ( 10:00 – 18:00 ) and tastings: TGT 43 Tuscany, Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino.
The program is being updated.
Loc. Casale del Bosco, Montalcino
0577 808269 – 366 6022821 –


Be being Updated
Località Val di Cava – Montalcino (Siena)
0577 804207-


Be Being Updated
Strada Provinciale 9 di Pievasciata n.21  – 53019, Castelnuovo Berardenga (SI)
05771698718 –


Sunday 27 May
Wine tasting and guided tour of the cellar
Complete tasting with products + visit to the winery € 15 per person del Popolo 1 Villa in Sesta, Castelnuovo Berardenga
0577 359014 –


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