Cantine Aperte 2022 in Pisa

Cantine Aperte 2022 in Pisa


Badia di Morrona

Via del Chianti 6, 56030. Terricciola (PI)


When:28th -29th May
Natural sin: a return to naturalness and simplicity with bread and our company-produced EVO oil.


Journey through wine, oil and history.  The tour includes a guided tour of the winery, tasting of three wines and samples of typical Tuscan products with our extravergin olive oil.


Compulsory booking / WHATS APP/ PHONE 0587-658505
Cost per person: 20 €

Degli Azzoni Avogadro

Via Enrico Capecchi, 74, 56025 La Rotta PI
0587 484818 –


When: Sunday 29th May
Natural sin: Toast in the vineyard and among the barrels


Book your visit to the winery with a tour through the vineyards and among the barrels with a tasting of our wines.


Compulsory booking: +39 0587 484818 – 
Cost per person: 10 €

Gianni Moscardini

Via Macchia al Pino snc – 56040 Fraz. Pomaia – Santa Luce (PI)
Cell. / WhatsApp + 39 347 6948937


When: 28 th -29 th May
Natural sin: tasting in the clouds

Cantine Aperte 2022. A journey into the world of “my wine”.  Choose the journey you like best:

  • The autochthonous wines of northern Maremma
  • Not only autochthonous wines in the northern Maremma
  • The evolution of the wines of northern Maremma
  • Supertuscans in my opinion


Compulsory booking: Mobile phone / WhatsApp +39 347 6948937
Cost per person: The cost may vary from € 25 per person to € 40 per person depending on the option.

Podere La Regola

+39 0586698145, INFO@LAREGOLA.COM


When: 28 th -29 th May
Natural sin: Unprecedented tasting in contact with nature


For the event, we will be conducting free guided tours of our production and artistic cellar. Guests will receive a 5% discount on all purchases of the day and the opportunity to choose from two different unprecedented tastings to discover our wines:


  • L’ ECCEZIONE, Sparkling Brut Classic Method, Manseng and Chardonnay
    STECCAIA, Costa Toscana Bianco IGT 2021, Vermentino
    VALLINO, Toscana Rosso IGT 2018, C. Sauvignon and Sangiovese

€20 per person


  • L’ ECCEZIONE 60, Sparkling Classic Method, Manseng and Chardonnay
    LAURO, Costa Toscana Bianco IGT 2017, Viogner and Chardonnay
    REGOLA, Toscana Rosso IGT 2017, C.  Franc 100%

€30 per person


Compulsory booking, +39 0586698145
Cost per person 20/30€ depending on the tasting

Tenuta di Poggio – Cosimo Maria Masini

Via Poggio a Pino 16 – 56028 San Miniato (PI) +39 0571 465032 / +39 348 866 0081


When: Sunday 29th May
Natural sin: Rediscovering the land and its fruits


Visit the winery and taste the wines to rediscover the natural beauty of the land and its fruits. The shop will remain open for any purchases.


Compulsory booking +39 0571 465032 / +39 348 866 0081
Cost per person Please, contact the company

Usiglian del Vescovo

Via Usigliano, 26, 56036 Palaia PI +39 3358349654


When: Sunday 29th May
Natural sin: eating and drinking in the open air


Together again. At the indicated times our guests will be guided to discover our land, the vineyards and then the cellars.  This will be followed by a tasting of our wines accompanied by typical local products.


Compulsory booking +39 3358349654
Cost per person 20 €
Useful information: tour starting times: 11:00 am / 3:00 pm / 5:00 pm. It will not be possible to grant a visit to the vineyards beyond these hours.

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