Cantine Aperte 2022 in Prato

Cantine Aperte 2022 in Prato


Fattoria di Bacchereto

Via Fontemorana 179  59011 Bacchereto (PO) 3388739577


When: Sunday 29 May
Naturale Sin: We have always been natural


Guided tours of the vineyard and cellar with tasting of our “Terre a Mano” wines by reservation only.



Compulsory Booking phone (+39) 338 8739577/  (+39) 3334173501

Cost per person   € 15,00

Podere Il Sassolo

Via Citerna, 5, 59015 Carmignano PO


When: Sunday 29th May
Natural sin: A great passion for the countryside


Unconditional passion for the countryside and nature. Visiting our wine cellar you will find an exhibition of paintings by Akiko Kaiamo (Japanese) and then we’ll give you the opportunity to enjoy a nice Tuscan-style dish with cold meats, cheeses and porchetta, homemade cakes and our friendliness.


Booking is not necessary
Cost per person: between 10€ and 20€, depending on drink and food. For wine tasting only the price is between 5€ and 10€.

Tenuta di Artimino

Via la Nave 11, 59015 Carmignano (PO)


When: Sunday 29 May
Natural Sin: Gluttony and wine


Jeep tour of the vineyards with our agronomist to get to know our winery better; guided tour of the cellar; wine tasting with our sommeliers.



Compulsory Booking: whatsapp (+3) 3938588573 / e-mail
Cost per person: Full tour 20€; visit and wine tasting 10€

Tenuta di Capezzana

Via di Capezzana 43 – 59015 – Carmignano (PO)
331 1757918 –


When: Sunday 29 May
Natural Sin: Our tours will tell about our territory and our philosophy of respect for nature, seen as an asset of which we are only custodians and not owners.


For the day we will join (May 29) we offer free tours from 10:20 am to 12:40 am and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, carried out approximately every 20 minutes with tasting of the three most popular wines. representative of our territory (Barco Reale, Villa di Capezzana and Trefiano). The tour groups will consist of max. 20 people. The tastings can be carried out in the courtyard of our villa and we will also provide glasses on bail (5 €) to those who do not have them.


Compulsory Booking: (+39) 331 1757918 –
Cost per person: free


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