Cantine Aperte 2023 in Pistoia

Cantine Aperte 2023 in Pistoia


Tenuta Querciamatta
Via Brogi, 123651015 – Monsummano Terme (PT)

0572 / 179.0.971 ,

When: 27 e 28 maggio
Event: Acino & Oliva. Drinking Emotions


  • Guided tour and narration of the company’s history and project: tour of the estate with explanation of our terroir, visit to the cellar and orciaia.
  • Tasting of our 2 wine labels and our 4 oil labels.

Time: 1:30 hour

At Querciamatta, tasting is art, a form of sharing… it’s Acino & Oliva. It means dedicating time to yourself and to the desire to perceive and recognize the particular sensations evoked by wine and oil, identifying their unique aromas, nuances and characters.

Bookings required: Tel: 0572 / 179.0.971 , Whatsapp : 376 /
Price: 20 euro
Additional info:

Tour timetable with tasting:

– 11 / 12.30 by reservation

– 2.30pm / 4.00pm by reservation

– 17.00 / 18.30 by reservation

Our Shop will remain open for direct sale until 18.30


Agricola Marini Giuseppe

Via Bartolomeo Sestini, 274, 51100 Pistoia PT
0573 451162 –
When: 27 and 28 may

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 from 10:30 to 18:30

  • Tour and Wine Tastings with typical local products from the ancient Orsi butchery and Stefano Spinelli’s Pantry in Lamporecchio (by reservation)
  • Exhibition of works of art (Rossella Baldecchi and Franco Balleri)

Visible for the entire duration of the event

Sunday 28 May

10:30 am

  • Parade of historic tractors among the vineyards of the Club Trattor d’Epoca (Quarrata)


  • Archery the sports experience of concentration under the guidance of Sabrina Vannini (vice world champion 2022 and reigning Italian champion) and Fedele Soria (vice European champion 2021) of the Compagnia Arcieri città di Pescia.


  • Entertainment for children with the nice Super G hero looking for new allies

From 18:00 onwards the event ends with

Tasting of Marini wines with tasty Pale Toscane from the historic Pizzeria La Sala (by reservation)

Bookings: 0573 451162 – 3929587997 –
Price: Glass deposit €10 (if you return the glass you will receive 1 bottle of wine for free)

Chopping board of typical local products €10

Tuscan pales starting from €6

The wines for tasting will be served by the Sommeliers of the FISAR Pistoia Delegation.

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