Cantine Aperte 2018 in Costa degli Etruschi: Programs

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Costa degli Etruschi: Programs



Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 – Guided tours and tastings.
Gustiamo Il Bello della Toscana of Azienda Agricola Chiappini is:
The territory surrounding the winery: vineyards and olive groves that descend from the hills to the sea, during visits to the winery, it will be possible to know the history and characteristics of this landscape heritage.
Via Bolgherese, Loc. Feliciano 189C 57022, Bolgheri
0565 765201 –


Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May 2018
Guided tours of the cellar and barriccaia with
– Tasting of 3 basic wines and a small accompanying snack: 15 euros per person.
Guided tour of the cellar and barriccaia, selection of meats and cheeses with tasting of 4 wines: 25 euros per person
Gustiamo il Bello della Toscana of Fattoria Casa di terra is:
The Fattoria Casa di Terra company is located in the heart of Bolgheri DOC, exactly in the middle of the Bolgheri amphitheater. The particular view is unique in its kind.
Loc. Le Ferruggini, 162 A, 57022, Bolgheri (LI)
0565 749810 –


Program being updated 
Via Bolgherese n. 275/B 57022, Bolgheri (LI)
0565 763581 –


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