Cantine Aperte 2018 in Arezzo: Programs

PROGRAM COULD BE CHANGED OR UPDATED AZ. AGR. BALDETTI ALFONSO www.baldetti.com Sunday 27th Maggio Timetable 10 - 21, guided tour of the winery, wine tasting, wine walk, photography course (2 sessions: morning and afternoon), tasting of local products, live music, aperitif starting at 7.30 pm with production wines

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Lucca: Programs

PROGRAMS COULD BE CHANGED OR UPDATED   FATTORIA DI FUBBIANO www.fattoriadifubbiano.it Program is being updated Via di Tofori, Capannori 0583978011 – fubbiano@fattoriadifubbiano.it   TENUTA DEL BUONAMICO www.buonamico.it Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May 2018 Guided tours, tastings and catering. Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 Special tasting at the counter: 18 euros "Easy" tasting, with lunch: 30 euros "Special" tasting, with lunch: 35

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Grosseto: Programs

PROGRAMS COULD BE CHANGED OR UPDATED   AGRICOLA IL PONTE  www.agricolailponte.com Sunday 27th of May from 9.00 to 20.00 Guided tours, trekking in the vineyards, visit to Chianina breeding, wine and oil tastings. Tasting and visit: 7.50 (free for children) Enjoy the beautiful Tuscany of Il Ponte Agricultural Company:

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Costa degli Etruschi: Programs

PROGRAMMI IN AGGIORNAMENTO   AZIENDA AGRICOLA CHIAPPINI www.giovannichiappini.it Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 - Guided tours and tastings. Gustiamo Il Bello della Toscana of Azienda Agricola Chiappini is: The territory surrounding the winery: vineyards and olive groves that descend from the hills to the sea, during visits to the winery, it will

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Pisa: Programs

PROGRAMS COULD BE CHANGED OR UPDATED   CASTELVECCHIO www.agricastelvecchio.it Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May Guided tours of the farm and wine and oil tasting: every hour, from 10:00 to 18:00. Free visit and wine tasting. Accompanying chopping board, with cured meats and cheeses, sweeter than the house, 15 euros. Via di Bagno

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Prato: Programs

Programs could be updated or changed   AGR. IL SASSOLO www.ilsassolo.it Program being updated  Via di Citerna, 5 Carmignano (PO) 055 8706488 –  f.zitelli@casafilato.it   FATTORIA AMBRA www.fattoriaambra.it Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May from 9.00am to 5.00pm Guided tours of the winery, barrel tasting, vertical old vintages, walks in the vineyards, tasting of local dishes: Free

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Siena: Programs

The Programs Can Be Updated or Changed   AGR. CANNETO www.canneto.com Be Being Updated Via dei Canneti, 14 Montepulciano 0577 757737 – cantina@canneto.com   AGR. FICOMONTANINO www.ficomontanino.it Saturday 26 e Sunday 27 Maggio booking compulsory: guided tour, wine tasting, aperitif in the vineyard, barrel tasting. 10 Euro Loc. Ficomontanino, Chiusi 06 5561283 - mariasole@ficomontanino.it   BARONE RICASOLI www.ricasoli.it Saturday 26 e Sunday 27 May Guided tours and

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