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Cantine Aperte 2018 in Firenze: Programs

  PROGRAMS COULD BE CHANGED OR UPDATED   AGRICOLA TAMBURINI www.agricolatamburini.it Sunday 27 May Tasting of the company's wines and visit to the cellars. Exclusive tasting of farm products (wine and oil) from 15 to 19. Vioa Catignano 106, Loc. Il Castelloccio, 50050 Gambassi Terme  (FI) 0571680235 – emanuela@agricolatamburini.it   ANTINORI CHIANTI CLASSICO www.antinorichianticlassico.it Sunday 27 May 2018, from

Cantine Aperte 2018 in Pistoia: Programs

  AGR. MARINI GIUSEPPE www.marinifarm.it Sabato 26 e Domenica 27 Maggio Tours in the vineyards and in the cellars. Wine tasting, exhibition of works of art, games and entertainment for young and old. Program being updated.  Via Bartolomeo Sestini 274 – Pistoia 0573 452096 – info@marinifarm.it    

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