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Calici di Stelle 2022

What August would it be without Calici di Stelle? The wine tourism event that gives winelovers, but also the many visitors who will be in Tuscany to experience unforgettable experiences, the opportunity to taste our wines under the starry sky of August. From Friday 29 July to Monday 15 August 2022, the wineries that are members of the Tuscan Wine Tourism Movement will dress up by organizing tastings… under the stars! Shows, moments of observation of the stars led by experts, romantic dinners organized between the rows and much more, to better enjoy nature under the starry sky.


A Calici di Stelle that sees programs dedicated to eno-astronomy and that carries on the concept of Natural Sin already explored with Cantine Aperte. Experiences under the stars or at sunset, using the vineyards as a location and the August sky as a backdrop in an exaltation of nature and its sins, sipped in goblets filled with wine.


From friday 29th July to Monday 15th August






When: 6 august 2022
Enoastronomy with Calici di Stelle



Enjoy the sunset over the vineyards from our lawn and accompany this wait with the STARBOX that we have designed for the occasion. And, if you want, you can join a guided tour of the cellar!

Starbox: (by reservation only by August 4th) rice salad, panzanella, sandwich with stuffed pork loin, stars with heart of jam, water and glass of wine
Starbox cost: € 25 per person

The friends of the ASTROFILI DI AREZZO group will make us discover the wonders and sounds of the starry sky, starting with some hints on astronomical geography to get to the recognition of all the constellations of the summer sky with the help of powerful lasers! Furthermore, in the silence of the vineyards, you will be able to listen to the sounds coming from space: stars, planets and cosmic noises that will leave you with an indelible memory!

From 10:30 pm onwards STARS AND METEORS
ALEX PAOLELLI DJ and LORJ MECHERINI has in store for you a stellar musical selection of hits ranging from the 80s to the 2000s! The protagonists will be the STARS of national and international music and the METEORE, the artists who have climbed the charts with a single hit

Free admission event. During the evening it will be possible to taste all our wines. Reservation required only for the Starbox.
It is advisable to bring a blanket or a towel to lie down in the garden to observe the stars.


Price per person FREE (STARBOX 25 EURO PER PERSON)

Buccia Nera

+39 (0) 5751696461 INFO@BUCCIANERA.IT


When: 5 August

Natural sin and enoastronomy: Tales of the moon, its craters and the lunar mythology, by the new amateurs group from Arezzo who will accompany us in the evening under the stars with good wine, good food and good music.


We are waiting for you with good food, good wine and music under a shower of stars.
Menu: buffalo cherries, raw ham with a knife, panzanella, beef tartare, salt and EVO oil, mini porchetta sandwich paired with Buccia Nera wines.
From 10pm to midnight In the company of the Arezzo Astrofili Group to talk about the Moon, Saturn and the Constellations under one of the cleanest skies in Arezzo, far from the light pollution of the city.


Mandatory reservation 3474065645
Price per person 40 euro

I Vicini Winery

C.S. Pietraia n. 38B – Località Ferretto – 52044 Cortona (AR) – +39 3385962031 – +39 3388629569


When: Friday 12 August – from 7PM to 11PM
Natural sin: Glasses full of wine and … culture. “Many years before Christ, from a cross between two grape varieties, Dureza Noir and Mondeuse Blanche, our Syrah nero, a natural sin, was born.


Our Cabernet Sauvignon, too, is the fruit of a natural sin, as it was born from a cross between the full-bodied Cabernet Franc and Vitis Sativa Blanche, from which wine that is maybe less rich but more elegant and perfumed is made.

The fruit of these crosses, produced in the hills around Cortona, 1 km away from the Lake Trasimeno, has nothing to envy to the excellent Syrah wine made in the Rhȏne valley, in the northern hills called “Cȏtes du Rhȏne”.


Programme: from 7PM to 8:30PM

A walk in the vineyards at the golden hour: our natural agronomic techniques will be illustrated while diving deeper in the historical and cultural aspects of the amazing world of wine.



From 8:30PM to 11 PM:

Tasting of 5 types of wine accompanied by local delicacies and Cinta Senese pork, an ancient race of pigs and a landmark of Tuscan gastronomy, rich in unsaturated fats, which are renowned to be beneficial to our health.


Mandatory reservation  BEFORE 11 AUGUST AT 12 PM AT, – +39 3385962031 – +39 3388629569
Price per person 25 Euro
Further information: GPS Coordinates  43.175788 N   11.977469 E



When: Sunday 7 August – from 5.30PM to 7.30PM
“Our black Syrah is born from an ancient crossing (BC n.) Of the vines“ Dureza Noir ”and Mondeuse Blanche, the result of a natural sin.
However, our Cabernet Sauvignon can also be said to be no less than a natural sin, born from the encounter between full-bodied Cabernet Franc with Vitis Sativa Blanche, which gives wines with perhaps less body, but more elegant and fragrant
The fruit, generated in the hills in front of Cortona, which are one kilometer from Lake Trasimeno, has nothing to envy to the excellent Syrah produced in the Rhone valley, in the northern hills called “Cȏtes du Rhȏne”. ”


Programme: Visitors will be presented with the vineyards, the cellar, the barrel cellar and the refining room. The visit will end with the tasting of our 5 wines, during which together we will appreciate the typical aromas and flavors of the individual vines, combined with typical products of the territory, with the presence and participation of the Producer.


Mandatory reservation, – +39 3385962031 – +39 3388629569
Price per person 15 Euro
Further information: GPS Coordinates  43.175788 N   11.977469 E

Tenimenti d’Alessandro

Via Manzano, n°15-52044 Cortona (AR)
+39 (0) 575/618667


When: 14 August
Natural sin and enogastronomy: Saturn in opposition – “Let’s drink to that”. Divine spirit


From 6PM to 11PM

We will open the doors of our winery for you: come taste our Syrah and Viognier, the typical wine of the Côte du Rhône, for which we were pioneers in the terroir of Cortona. From late afternoon to the evening you will follow our Divine Spirit through the stations we will set up inside our estate.

The Wine Glasses Full of Stars event will be accompanied by porchetta (seasoned pork belly) sandwiches and the panzanella (stale bread salad) of Cortona prepared by our restaurant Creta Osteria & Pipero at a price of 5€ each. You will also find cocktails (5€) and a special Dj set for the evening. (For information call +39 (0) 575 618667 or write an email at



Mandatory reservation at +39 (0) 575/618667
Price per person 15 euro

Tenuta di Frassineto

+39 371 4956539, +39 (0) 575367033, SHOP@TENUTADIFRASSINETO.COM


When: Friday 12 August at 7:30 PM
Eno-astronomy with the Group of Astronomy Amateurs of Arezzo

Like every year Tenuta di Frassineto is happy to present:
APERIWINE PARTY for Wine Glasses Full of Stars in collaboration with Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana.

Aperitif with typical delicacies surrounded by the wonderful landscape of Tuscany with live music and light decorations: the atmosphere in the estate will be magical.

An evening dedicated to Stars immersed in the countryside of Val di Chiana, near Arezzo, in a little hamlet surrounded by the vines of the Tenuta di Frassineto. But that is not all! The Group of Astronomy Amateurs of Arezzo will be with us to look at the planets, the moon and the Milky Way, while listening to live music.


Price per person: 25 Euro including buffet aperitif and 1 glass of wine

Information and reservations: + 39 371 4956539 or




Fattoria di Poggiopiano

Via dei bassi, 13 – Girone – Fiesole (FI) | 3384342483


When: Thursday 4 august
Natural Sin: Panoramic dinner-tasting under the stars


An evening on the farmyard of our farm, from sunset to the stars, a family welcome, a tasting menu made of simple and genuine flavors of our Tuscany, where every flavor is paired with a wine of our production.

Tasting of 6 wines and 1 extra virgin olive oil


Mandatory booking click here for info and reservation
Price for person: 38 euro



When: wednesday 10 august
Natural sin: In search of flavors in the vineyard under the stars


A fish dinner inspired by the flavors of the world, in the heart of Tuscany; unusual and delicious combinations with our wines.


Mandatory booking click here for info and reservation
Price for person: 55 euro

Fattoria La Leccia

+39 338 7333 905


When: 29 July
The natural sin: Our natural sin is Rubedo – Metodo Classico Pas Dosé – 36 months on the lees – From a single vintage – 100% Sangiovese. Everyone told us not to produce this wine … but we are proud to have started the production, though we committed a natural sin”.


TRUFFLE, SPARKLING WINE AND STARS. In collaboration with the great truffle experts of Divino Tartufo and Wine Glasses Full of Stars, La Leccia opens the doors of the farm for an exclusive evening of truffle, sparkling wine and … stars! The menu features an appetizer with cheese, salami and croutons followed by fresh pasta and, then, eggs. All the courses are topped with black truffle from Tuscany, of course. The three courses will be accompanied by our wine: BOH (Spumante Metodo Charmat Brut – 100% Sangiovese), Rubedo 2017 (Spumante Metodo Classico Pas Dosé – 100% Sangiovese) and Cantagrillo 2019 (Toscana Trebbiano IGT). And for those who cannot resist sweets we will serve ice cream with cantucci (typical Tuscan biscuits with almonds). Romantics will be enchanted by the stars on holm oaks, the landmark of La Leccia! Fattoria La Leccia, via della Leccia, 37, in Montespertoli (FI). 29 July 2022, 8:30PM. Price: 50 Euro. Reservation needed at +39 338 7333 905 or


Mandatory reservation at +39 338 7333 905 or
Price per person 50€

Lamole di Lamole

3420912853 – VISIT@LAMOLE.COM


When: from 10 to 15 August
Natural sin and enogastronomy: Stars in Lamole. Discovering the Lamole method, from vines to glasses, preserving sustainability and the connection with our territory.


The event starts at 7:30PM, with a brief introduction to the history of Lamole. Then, guests will visit the Historical and the Experimental vineyards and learn about our sustainable and organic farming practices ensuring quality grapes. After a visit to the wine-making cellar and a short walk at sunset, guests will discover the 14th century Historical Cellar.

Then, guests will taste 4 glasses of different Chianti Classico wines, accompanied by a platter of local cold cuts and cheese, croutons, panzanella (stale bread salad), Vin Santo and cantucci (typical Tuscan biscuits with almonds).

After the tasting guests will have the chance to look falling stars and the Sturgeon Supermoon surrounded by our vines, in a dedicated area.


Mandatory reservation at VISIT@LAMOLE.COM
Price per person 50€

Additional information casual clothing is recommended 

Podere dell’Uliveto

Via Malafrasca 103, san Casciano in val di Pesa – Firenze
+39 3483313084


When: from Friday 29 July to 15 August


Night-time opening 7PM/11PM, prior reservation required

Tasting from 7 Euro per person

Possibility to reserve every day. For further information, please contact the winery.


Mandatory reservation: Filippo at +39 3483313084 or at
Price per person: 7 Euro (tasting)

Tenuta di Castelfalfi

Tel. +39 3667568680; Email:


When: 8th and 9th august 2022
Natural sin: When wine becomes art. Two evenings dedicated to entertainment with the activity of painting wine on canvas, carried out under the pristine starry sky of Castelfalfi. The event is accompanied by a wine tasting and jazz music.


Programme: The two evenings will take place at the new Tenuta di Castelfalfi wine garden, from which you can admire the shooting stars in a unique and engaging atmosphere. During the event you will have the opportunity to get to know the estate’s products and discover the curious art of painting with wine. With canvas and brush you can give space to your creativity and create a painting made with wine to take home at the end of the appointment.


Mandatory booking: +39 3667568680
Price per person: prices and availability by calling the winery.

Tenuta di Sticciano

VIA DI STICCIANO 207-50052 CERTALDO 0571-669032


When: wednesday 10 august
Natural Sin:Wine and Cheese under the stars. Our natural sin? Beauty! We are waiting for you in an enchanted place under a starry sky for an evening of pairing organic wines and a selection of cheeses made with the help of a special guest, a refiner who will make us experience unique emotions.


PROGRAMME: de Magi cheeses at the sticciano estate – taste affinity laboratory. Andrea Magi presents 8 cheeses aged in a taste affinity laboratory paired with 4 wines from Tenuta di Sticciano. Following the special buffet of Chef Mario Farina will accompany you in the bright starry night

From 7.30 pm


Mandatory booking:  0571-669032
Price per person: 60 euro

Torraccia di Presura

via della Montagnola, 94 (in our agritourism Villa Ulivello in Chianti) – 50027 Greve in Chianti
+39 388-4630045 , +39 (0) 55858571


When: 1,3,4,5 August, 8,10,11,12 August from 5PM to 11PM

Tasting of 5 types of wine in our wine cellar with “stellar” offers on the wine bottles. Surprise wine prizes for participants.

Price of the tasting: 10 Euro per person


When: Every evening from 29 July to 14 August (except Tuesdays)


Dinner with our wine and typical Tuscan food in our agritourism.

Prices vary. Mandatory reservation at +39 388463004, +39 (0) 55858571,


When: 10 August (Saint Lawrence) and 12 August (Supermoon)
Natural sin and eno-astronomy: wine trekking under the stars


From 8PM to 11PM: Luxury tasting (wine accompanied by platters of cold cuts, cheese and croutons, Vin Santo and cantucci, typical Tuscan biscuits with almonds) followed by Wine trekking under the stars and night-time visit of the cellar. Comfortable shoes are recommended. Minimum number of participants to confirm the event: 8 people. Maximum number of participants: 20 people.

Price: 45 Euro per person

Mandatory reservation at +39 3884630045 / +39 (0) 55858571


Mandatory reservation at +39 3884630045 / +39 (0) 55858571
Price per person: the price is specified on the programme




Agricola Il Ponte

Strada Carige Alta 15, Capalbio, Gr
+39 3334843966


When: 5-6 August
Natural sin and enogastronomy: We will look at the sky savouring the fruits of the land.


For Wine Glasses Full of Stars of the Movimento Turismo del Vino, the evenings of 5 and 6 August will be the perfect moment to look at one of the “most beautiful skies in Italy” from our estate, surrounded by the Tuscan Maremma countryside. Thanks to the experts of Astronomitaly, i.e. the first project of astro-tourism in Italy, guests will enjoy an astronomical orientation session of the main constellations in the summer sky and will observe celestial bodies with telescopes. Guests will be welcomed at 8PM and will receive a coupon to taste 3 wines of our estate as well as a box with Maremma typical products. A 10% special discount will be applied to wine bottles.


Mandatory reservation at For information: +39 3334843966

Price per person Adults 30.00 Euro; children 20.00 Euro

Fattoria La Maliosa

Loc. Podere Monte Cavallo (+39) 3271860416


When: Friday 5 August and wednesday 10 August 2022
Natural sin and enogastronomy: taste our natural wine surrounded by untamed landscape and enjoy the view from our Skydeck.

For Wine Glasses Full of Stars Fattoria La Maliosa has prepared a special night under the stars of the Maremma, surrounded by vines and olive trees.

But this year’s night will be even more SPECIAL: the event will be held on our new Skydeck, a large table d’orientation among the hills of Monte Cavallo, with a 360° view of the natural landscape of Tuscan Maremma, from the Island of Giglio to Mount Amiata, from Pitigliano to Mount Argentario.

The event will start at sunset, with a tasting of our natural wines accompanied by local delicacies and, of course, by the stunning view of Maremma hills. We will wait for nightfall under one of the darkest skies of Italy, full of stars.


Mandatory reservation at – (+39) 3271860416 

Price per person: 35€ adults – 17€ children (until 17 y.o.)

Further information: comfortable clothing and closed shoes are recommended. Unpaved and uneven road.

Tenuta Fertuna

Strada Provinciale Aurelia Vecchia, 58040 Grilli GR or +39 (0) 566 88138


When: Wednesday 10 August and Thursday 11 August from 9PM to 00AM

Eno-astronomy and night sky observation with Marco Monaci, astrophysicist. Marco, born in 1993, graduated in Physics and Astrophysics in the University of Pisa.



Wednesday 10 August and Thursday 11 August 2022: this year two nights will be dedicated to Wine Glasses Full of Stars, the event in collaboration with Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana.


DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE NIGHT SKY IN A MAGICAL ATMOSPHERE WITH LIVE MUSIC thanks to our special guest who will tell you the secrets of celestial bodies. What to bring? A blanket (an insulating blanket would be better) to lie down in the garden and admire the stars in the sky of Maremma!

Do not worry about the rest, we will deal with everything else! In both cases the event starts after dinner, from 9PM to 00AM.

Fresh fruit and two glasses of wine from our estate

Popcorns for children


Live music

10 August: Alex Petrini (Guitar and voice)

11 August: Alessandro Golini (violin) and Paolo Battistini (classical guitar)


Night sky observation with Marco Monaci, astrophysicist. Marco, born in 1993, graduated in Physics and Astrophysics in the University of Pisa.


Mandatory reservation at or +39 (0) 566 88138  or via Whatsapp +39 366 9061253
Possibility to book an early dinner at the Restaurant Amorvino, +39 338 988 0707

Price per person:  15€ per person / Additional glasses 5€

Free entrance for children until 6 y.o.

Children over 6 y.o.: 5€




Campo alle Comete

0565 766056 –


When: Friday 11 august


7.30pm visit of the vineyards, the cellar including our starry barrel room, and the manor house

8pm dinner on board the vineyard with tasting of 4 wines and live music.


Mandatory booking – – 0565 766056 – 334 6374611
Price per person 50 euro

Tenuta Le Colonne

Via Vecchia Aurelia, 418, 57022 Donoratico LI – +39 0565 775246


When: 10 August


The event will be held in the Estate Le Colonne from 9PM to 11:30PM. Wine tasting of Le Colonnne wine in our Mediterranean garden under the starry sky of Bolgheri. Live music entertainment.


Mandatory reservation at
Price per person 20€




Badia di Morrona

+39 0587/658505 email: CLIENTI@BADIADIMORRONA.IT


When: 4 August 2022
Natural sin and eno-astronomy: aperitif in the cellar, looking at the sky


From 7PM to 10PM

Aperitif under the stars

Visits to the cellars and Badia di Morrona wine and extra-virgin olive oil tasting accompanied by local delicacies. Price per person: 20.00 € – reservation needed


From 9PM to 11PM

Observation of the sky with telescope: guests will learn about astronomy from experts and, thanks to the telescope, will discover the marvels of the Cosmos.


Mandatory reservation: TEL/WHATSAPP  +39 0587/658505 EMAIL: CLIENTI@BADIADIMORRONA.IT
Price per person: 10.00 €; children from 6 to 14 y.o. 5.00 €

Gianni Moscardini

Via Macchia al Pino snc – 56040 Fraz. Pomaia – Santa Luce (PI)
Cell. / WhatsApp + 39 347 6948937


When: Saturday 30 July – Saturday 6 August – Saturday 13 August
Natural sin and enogastronomy: The evolution of Northern Maremma wine. Tasting in the clouds.


Guided tasting by candlelight from earth to the sky: “The evolution of Northern Maremma wine” in the wine estate Gianni Moscardini.

Mandatory reservation: call or Whatsapp +39 347 6948937;
Price per person : 55 Euro per person

Podere La Regola

+39 (0) 586698145, INFO@LAREGOLA.COM


When: 11 August
Natural sin and eno-astronomy: Dinner in the garden overlooking the vines


From 7:30PM our amazing garden will welcome our guests for an aperitif/dinner under the stars with live music. Reservation is needed. Price: 30.00 € per person.


Mandatory reservation at, +39 (0) 586698145
Price per person : 30 Euro per person


Via Ricavo – Varramista, Montopoli Val d’Arno – PI
Francesca +39 366 9639,


When: Wednesday 10 August 2022
Natural sin: tango & wine, two natural sins coming together


Picnic accompanied by 4 types of wine lying on the grass of the ancient Villa and guided tour of the cellars while tango dancers will perform inside them.


Mandatory reservation: Francesca +39 366 9639,
Price per person: 60 Euro adults / 20 Euro children





Localita’ Pod. Camporignano, 1 Casole D’elsa CASOLE D’ELSA (SI) +39 3334634883


When: Friday 5 august from 7pm



“The starry sky paired with wine”: astronomical evening at the Fattoria Camporignano in Tuscany.
Friday 5 August, from 7.00 pm. Fattoria Camporignano is a winery located on the Sienese hills in one of the most enchanting Tuscan scenarios. It borders on one side with the production area of ​​Chianti Classico and on the other with that of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, places that are no more than 30 minutes away by car. Consisting of 10 hectares of vineyards and a large cellar, the farm stands out for its highly targeted, organic production and uses high-tech systems capable of ensuring excellent quality parameters.
During the AstroTour experience, which will start at 9:30 pm, participants will be able to experience an orienteering session to discover the main stars and constellations. Observation with a telescope will follow, accompanied by tales and explanations from an expert guide from Astronomitaly: splendid bright stars such as Vega and Deneb, the double Albireo and amazing objects from the deep sky.


Mandatory Reservation: Nona 3334634883
Price per person: € 25 per person (no tasting); 32 € per person – Tour and tasting (up to 3 wines), buffet and astronomical observation

Casale dello Sparviero

Località Casale 93, 53011 Castellina in Chianti, Siena +39 (0)577 743228


When: 6 August

Natural sin and enogastronomy: Enjoy our wine under the stars, surrounded by nature and our green vines.

On 6 August we will welcome our guests with a simple aperitif in one of our estates overlooking our vines. An astronomer will explain little curious facts about stars.


Mandatory reservation at +39 340 6469822 / +39 (0) 577 743 228;
Price per person 10€

Fattoria dei Barbi

Loc. Podernovi 170 | Strada Consorziale dei Barbi – 53024 Montalcino (SI) | tel. 0577 841111 – 841205


When: 10 August
Natural sin: sinful … but dressed in white


For this year’s Wine Glasses Full of Stars by Movimento Turismo del Vino, the historical estate of Montalcino (SIENA) organises a special night with an evocative monochromatic dinner, from the menu to the dress code, with candles in a magical atmosphere and, of course, the wine of Fattoria dei Barbi and tours by candlelight of the Historical Cellar and of the Brunello Museum. Furthermore, the store will be open until late at night. Dress code? Total white, of course. Reservation needed.


Mandatory reservation at | +39 (0) 577 841111 – 841205
Price per person 50 Euro (including aperitif and dinner with wine pairing, guided tours and everything that is arranged for the event.)

Franco Pacenti

LOC. CANALICCHIO DI SOPRA 6, MONTALCINO (SI) – +39 (0) 577849277 – +39 3207685330


When: From 1 to 5 August 2022 7:30PM
Natural sin: TASTING & PICNIC DINNER UNDER THE STARS. Enjoy the magical atmosphere of a night under the stars surrounded by the stunning Tuscan landscape and experience our Natural Sin in the brightest night of the year!


Guests will be welcomed with a tour of the cellar, in which they will learn about the whole production process. PICNIC IN THE OLIVE GROVE & TASTING of Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino among olive trees under the stars. Wine will be accompanied by local delicacies.


Mandatory reservation at – +39(0) 577849277 – +39 3207685330
Price per person  35.00 € adults –15.00 € children (4-12 y.o.)


SP 9 di Pievasciata, 21, 53019 Pievasciata, Castelnuovo Berardenga SI
342 0369692


When: wednesday 10 august
Calici di Stelle: Happy Wine Day


Evening from 18:30 onwards which will include an aperitif with wine and a cutting board x2, accompanied by live music.


Mandatory Reservation 342 036 96 92 (also via whatsapp) or
Price per person: 30 euro

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