Food and wine pairings

L'esperienza unica della scoperta dei vigneti

Food and wine pairings

It is well known that Tuscany is not just a land of great wines, but also of great food. Its traditional cuisine differs from area to area. Every small region offers different tastes coming from old  recipes that have become the symbol of the Tuscany that the entire world loves.
The Movimento Turismo del Vino’s wineries know that. So, you musn’t be surprised if, visiting one of these properties you find tasty dishes and specialities. Most of our wineries, during the visits between historical barrels, offer special food and wine pairings, not just based on the wine’s characteristics but to make you enjoy a journey along Tuscan flavours. Generally they offers local products: cheese, cold cuts, honey, selected meats and traditional pasta from our region.
Furthermore, most of them do not produce just wine. They also cultivate olive trees for the extra virgin olive oil that is perfect as dressing on regional dishes and is excellent on the Tuscan bruschetta called “fett’unta”. Finally, in some wineries, at the end of the wine tour, you can taste some fine spirits and/or sweet wines , such as the  Vin Santo, another typical product of the area.Enjoy your visit to some of the most beautiful Tuscan wineries to taste our specialities. Choose between our offers, get in touch with the one you have picked and ask for further information.

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