Lunch or dinner with the producer

The great experience to discover vineyards

Lunch or dinner with the producer

Visiting the wineries and the vineyards, discovering their territory, observing breathtaking landscapes, tasting their wines and their specialities are all fascinating experiences that allow you to understand the life, the history and traditions of every winery. Who can can give you better information about the history and the future of a winery than the producer? Visiting the wineries of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana means meeting people, those who are behind the scenes, who work every day with passion, who devote themselves to their land. You will have the opportunity to meet the producer directly and to sit with him and have all your questions answered, with a glass of good wine of course. This is a unique opportunity to satisfy your curiosity about vineyards, wineries, the traditional wine-making and ageing methods, the winery’s philosophy and much more. Sitting with the producer is a priceless experience to carry in your heart. You will discover that behind every good wine there are emotions, joys and sorrow. Let’s start preparing your questions and choose a winery from where starting your experience! Get in touch with our wineries for information and booking.

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