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Da giovedì 3 a lunedì 14 agosto


This year MTV Toscana organizes the first Tennis Open because to us the relationship between wine lovers and wine is dinamic and inclusive.

Wine and sport go hand in hand!

On Saturday, 23ht of June the event MTV Toscana’s Tennis Open will take place in the Vico Alto Tennis Club in Siena, the beautiful city of the Palio.

The teams, representing the main Tuscan denominations, will compete on the red-clay tennis court.

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At the event you can participate in various ways!

As a player: you or your collaborators (up to a maximum of 2 participants per winery) can register to participate as players in the tournament.

As a wine producer: during the day a tasting table will be set up to allow all members and non-members of the ‘Vico Alto’ club to taste some of our excellences. The same wines will be served at the glass in tribute to the guests of the restaurant of the club.

As a spectator: we are waiting for you on this day to participate with us in this first edition of MTV Tennis Open!

For the occasion, MTV Toscana has a close partnership with the FIT (Italian tennis federation), some sports partners and some media partners that will support the media initiative.



Saturday, 23th of June


Tennis Club Vico Alto

Via Emilia, 41 (località Vico Alto)

53100 Siena


from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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