Vertical tasting of old vintages

The great experience to discover vineyards

Vertical tasting of old vintages

A great experience that the wineries of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana can offer. You can taste the old vintages during exclusive vertical tastings, an occasion to taste the same wine produced in different years. The wine, as you know, is a dynamic product and depends on many aspects. Some of them refers to the work of man, other are not controllable, like the weather.
The aspects that characterized a wine are the grape, the terroir, the grape growing techniques, the aging duration. Also the climate, the rainy and the sunny days are very important. But what make the difference are the vinification and the ageing.
The variables are many and this kind of tasting helps to make a comparison between different years of the same wine, to understand the hint that a wine can develop during the years and it’s a perfect way to increase the knowledge about the production of a specific winery.
The wine must be the same, produced with the same technique and coming from the same zone. The classic vertical tasting should include at least 3 years or better 5. This is the best way to appreciate different years and discover the aging of a wine. Now that you have all the information for a vertical tasting you just have choose between our wineries and enjoy this great experience. Book your vertical tasting!
For further info and reservation get in touch with the wineries.

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