On November 18th don’t miss our charity event: a comic challenge in cellar, rich aperitif and charity lottery with Lorenzo Baglioni and Iacopo Melio


“Vinifichiamo gli eroi del fumetto”

Saturday, 18th November from 4:00 pm

Tenuta Bacco a Petroio – Vinci- Firenze


Comics marathon: a performance of the cartoonist of the Internation School of Comics of Florence, a comic challenge between the barrels

Aperitif: a rich aperitif with the wines of MTV Toscana’s wineries

Charity lottery: many prizes for real wine lovers and the work of art of the cartoonist

Guests: Lorenzo Baglioni and Iacopo Melio

Gathering of founds for Iacopo Melio’s non-profit association “Vorrei prendere il treno”



+39 3497160023 – segreteria@mtvtoscana.com

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MTV Toscana, Iacopo Melio, Lorenzo Baglioni and the comic heroes invite you to take part to the charity event on 18th November at Tenuta Bacco a Petroio (Vinci), when there will be the charity lottery for Iacopo Melio’s non-profit association “Vorrei prendere il treno” , with rich prizes for real wine lovers (Discover the prizes)!



After the great success of Cantine Aperte, the cartoonists of the International School of Comics in Florence are back in a completely new style. From 4:00 pm they will be challenging, in the cellar of Tenuta Bacco a Petroio, in a 4-hour comics marathon where they have to draw the heroes in the world of wine.






At 7:30 after the challenge there will be a rich aperitif with delicious dishes prepared by the restaurant of Tenuta Bacco a Petroio, paired with the wines of MTV Toscana’s wineries.

Anyone can participate to the aperitif and part of the proceeds will be donated to “Vorrei prendere il treno”

Booking will be available till 14th November.


Tuscan sauces with diced bread

Coccoli, fried cornmeal mush and battered vegetables

Cold cuts from Tenuta Bacco a Petroio and white flatbread pizza

Pennette with cinta senese ragu

Sponge cake with Chantilly cream and chocolate chips covered in cream

€ 25 per person beverage included

+39 3497160023 – segreteria@mtvtoscana.com


Lorenzo Baglioni will be our guest during the event and the charity lottery… there are many prizes to be won, thanks to the generosity of MTV Toscana’s wineries: works of art of the cartoonists, important wine and spirits bottles of our wineries, vouchers to visit and make wine tastings and other original gift.

The tickets can be bought at Tenuta Bacco a Petroio starting from the marathon.

There will be two different lotteries, Superior and Deluxe.

The cost for the Superior is € 5,00 for one ticket and € 20,00 for five tickets, and if you want to win rare pieces you can take part to the Deluxe, that costs € 15,00 for one ticket and € 40,00 for three tickets.

You can contribute to our cause!

The aim of the charity event is to gathering founds to support the psychological desk that the non-profit organization “Vorrei prendere il treno” has created to help those who live the disability. The desk is totally free, it is open on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, at the organization’s site and the psychological consult is done by the psychologist Giommetti and Mirandi.

Iacopo Melio is a disabled guy from the city of Empoli, who works very hard to break down barriers. Not just  architectural but especially cultural barriers, as he is the creator, consultant and  speaker of events and social projects. His non-profit organization “Vorrei prendere il treno” (“I’d like to take the train”) has now become a national point of reference for disability.

It is going to be a great event … don’t miss it!

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On Saturday, 18th November


Tenuta Bacco a Petroio
Via Villa Alessandri, 18


Starting from 4:00 pm


Cartoonists performance


Charity Lottery with Lorenzo Baglioni and Iacopo Melio


Everyone can participate to the aperitif, the cost is € 25,00 per person, part of the proceeds will be allocated to the non-profit organization “Vorrei prendere il treno”


Superior lottery draw

€ 5,00 x 1 ticket

€ 20,00 x 5 tickets

Deluxe lottery draw

€ 15,00 x 1 ticket

€ 40,00 x 3 tickets



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