Via della Leccia, Montespertoli – Firenze
Referent: Evelina Nappini
E-mail: evelina.nappini@laleccia.it
Website: www.laleccia.it


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  • Chianti
  • Montespertoli

La Leccia is located in Chianti Montespertoli, a long-standing traditional area suited for vine growing. The estate extends over an evocative hillside at 200 meters a.s.l.; the vineyards are well exposed, sheltered by Montalbano on the North and brushed by sea breezes on the South. The environment is protected and purified by a wide oak forest and the soil benefits from a general dynamism that is crucial for making great wines. The varieties are both Tuscan native (Sangiovese and Trebbiano) and international (Merlot and Syrah). La Leccia has a centenary history, but it is only in recent years that Bagnoli’s family has decided to relaunch the outstanding quality of this area through three founding values: art as craftsmanship in the daily work and as aesthetic tease; respect for the nature with the typical devotion of the farmer; upright change as an aware improvement of the tradition. This is La Leccia’s will.

How to get
From FI-PI-LI, please take the Montelupo Fiorentino’s exit and then continue toward Botinaccio, Montespertoli (Via di Botinaccio). The road is going up on the hill for about 5 Km and after a tree-lined boulevard, you will find a church. Please continue for few meters more and take a country road on the right (Via de La Leccia). Stay always on the right and after a while you will find the entry sign just near the vineyards.

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